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The Inner Sciences Foundation

The Vajra Armor Mantra

For over the past one thousand years, there have been numerous Major Teaching Cycles of The Vajra Armor Mantra that have been revealed.

First introduced to Tibet by Lord Padmasambhava (known as Guru Rinpoche The Precious Guru) The Vajra Armor Mantra is among the Most Powerful Healing Practices in Tantric Buddhism.

Long held as a Secret Practice, The Vajra Armor Mantra has been Practiced for over a Millennium by Tantric Adepts & Tibetan Physicians as an effective Method for Treating Diseases, Purifying Negative Energies as a Protection from Misfortune.

These Teachings outline a deep & profound Path to Realization & ultimately to Buddhahood – through the Practice of Healing & Rebalancing the Outer & Inner Elements.

By repeating this Mantra – one may heal all Sorts of otherwise Dangerous & Recalcitrant Diseases.

Once Transmitted this Mantra is available to everyone - regardless of their Spiritual Background or Age.

Within the TIS International Network of Organizations – The Vajra Armor Mantra is taught in Levels – according to a Practitioners degree of accomplishment.

While nearly everyone may Practice The Vajra Armor Mantra Level I - multiple additional Techniques are shared in Level II.

These are taught only in Intimate Retreat Settings – where a strong emphasis is placed on the Practice of Purification – as well as Deep Devotion to Lord Padmasambhava – the Sat Guru of our Beloved Maha Atma Choa Kok Sui.




The Vajra Arrmor Mantra - Level I
will be presented in One Lesson.

It is recommended that you designate sufficient Time to
Completely Recieve these Teachings without Interruption.

1. Please gather your Coffee, your Tea or your Snacks
as well as your Notebook & Pens
& make yourself comfortable for the Duration
of this Workshop.

2. The following Times will be observed:
o Lesson 1 is approximately 45 Minutes

3. You will have an Opportunity to Review the Materials shared -
during the entire 24 Hour Period following your Purchase.

After 24 Hours – the Materials
will no longer be available to you!

4. Please Arrange a Secure Internet Connection for this
Workshop. No Refunds will be granted after you have begun!

5. Your Registration in this Workshop is for you alone!

6. One Certificate will be Issued per Registration.

7. Please write your Name carefully –
as you wish to see it on the Certificate –
that you may Download after Completing this Workshop.

We recommend using 120 gsm Weight Paper for
Printing your Certificate.

8. Please be aware that other Esoteric Schools
may not accept The Virtual School’s Certificates as a prerequisite
for their Workshops.
Do not be disappointed by expecting that
which you may not receive!

9. The Material presented here is a Complete Rendition of
The Vajra Armor Mantra - Level I 
taught throughout
The Inner Sciences International Network of Organizations.

Please note - Live Workshops take significantly more time
due to the logistical issues of the Presentation
of the Materials as well as Live Class Interactions.

Our Virtual School Students should note
that all Information normally transmitted will be Received here
– although the Time appears to be compressed.


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