The Virtual School of
The Inner Sciences Foundation

The Ancient Art of Feng Shui

In May of 2007 it was necessary for the Compiler of this Workshop (Charlotte Anderson) 
to depart early morning on the day following the funeral of Maha Atma Choa Kok Sui’s
own dear Mother – Elizabeth Choachuy.
It was difficult to embark on the short travel from Cebu City to Manila (Philippines) –
difficult to leave the family home of the Beloved’s elder brother & so many Members of His family -
who had gathered together for the somber occasion of the funeral of our Dear Amma’s “Passing”.
But this Compiler was intent on an early departure – because she needed to complete the Work
begun on the first Power Point Presentation of a Feng Shui Workshop she created at the request of 
The Institute for Inner Studies (IIS) Manila. None of these Materials had previously existed in this Form.
The job was also important – because this Compiler was the only Senior Student possessing
adequate Information to present. Therefore, she was the only one who could compile this Course for her 
fellow IIS Instructors. This was actually true of several of the “Higher Workshops” Compiled for
that Organization during the transitionary period after the death of Maha Atma Choa Kok Sui.
The Production of that first Feng Shui Presentation was done under Great Pressure due to a Major Deadline –
of having the completed Power Point Presentation reach Helsinki – so as to allow another 
Senior Instructor (H. Ramos) to present those Materials there. 
Since the original Presentation, countless Revisions, as well as the Addition
of Major Information & Components were added those first Materials that had been extracted 
from the Personal Notes of this Compiler. 
The Feng Shui Workshop you will receive today – is Substantially Different.
These Feng Shui Materials have been heavily updated & improved –
just like all of the Workshops presented by The Inner Sciences International Network of Organizations
The Applications of Subtle Energy given in this Workshop will assist you
to Uplift & Transform your Life from an Ordinary one – into an Extraordinary Life!
Love & Blessings be with All

About  your Participation in this Workshop


The Ancient Art of Feng Shui will be presented in Five Lessons.

It is recommended that you designate sufficient Time to
Completely Receive these Teachings without Interruption.

  1. Please gather your Coffee, your Tea or your Snacks as well as your Notebook & Pens
    & make yourself comfortable for the Duration of this Workshop.
  2. The following Times will be observed:
    • Lesson 1 is approximately 20 Minutes
    • Lesson 2 is approximately 15 Minutes
    • Lesson 3 is approximately 35 Minutes
    • Lesson 4 is approximately 18 Minutes
    • Lesson 5 is approximately 17 Minutes
  3. You will have an Opportunity to Review the Materials shared -
    during the entire 24 Hour Period following your Purchase.

    After 24 Hours – the Materials will no longer be available to you!
  4. Please Arrange a Secure Internet Connection for this Workshop. No Refunds will be granted after you have begun!
  5. Your Registration in this Workshop is for you alone!
  6. One Certificate will be Issued per Registration.
  7. Please write your Name carefully - as you wish to see it on the Certificate –
    that you may Download after Completing this Workshop.

    We recommend using 120 gsm Weight Paper for Printing your Certificate.
  8. You may also opt to download a small Booklet containing some of the Key Points
    shared in this Workshop which is available for the nominal Fee of $15.00. 

    This booklet is only available to Students who have participated in this Virtual Workshop.

  9. Please be aware that other Esoteric Schools may not accept
    The Virtual School’s Certificates as a prerequisite for their Workshops.
    Do not be disappointed by expecting that which you may not receive!
  10. The Material presented here is a Complete Rendition of The Ancient Art of Feng Shui
    taught throughout The Inner Sciences International Network of Organizations.

    Please note - Live Workshops take significantly more time
    due to the logistical issues of the Presentation
    of the Materials as well as Live Class Interactions.

    Our Virtual School Students should note that all Information normally transmitted
    will be Received here – although the Time appears to be compressed.


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