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In Celebration of the Successful Wesak Event
The Inner Sciences Foundation
is offering a

* STAMPED LIMITED EDITION Hard Copy of Charlotte’s Book,


For a limited time only -
You may purchase your own personal copy of this book.
This offer expires on June 14th, 2017.

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Charlotte Anderson’s Materialization Book recognizes the inherent desire 
we all have - to Manifest our Dreams, Create our Heart’s Desires 
and Reach our Life and Business Goals and - Teaches you How to do it!


NOTE: This Stamped Limited Edition is Not Available in soft copy format.
This Stamp will not be available in the next printing of this book.

* Charlotte used this Stamp as her Personal Signature and carries her Personal Energy.
The Characters on this Stamp represent the names of both our
Beloved Maha Atma Choa Kok Sui and Charlotte –
which gives the book an added Appeal and Energy.


A Warm Welcome!

A Loving Atma Namaste!

The Virtual School of The Inner Sciences Foundation has been Established to make Teachings regarding
Subtle Energies easily available to Students located in widely diverse Global Locations.

This Virtual School has been Envisioned to be available wherever you are –
during all hours of the day & night.

The Team at The Virtual School of The Inner Sciences looks forward to working with you.

Infinite Loving Blessings be with All!


Why the Image of  The Gloriette was Chosen

During the beautiful Spring of 2015, the Founder of
The Inner Sciences International Network of Organizations (including this Virtual School)
Charlotte Anderson - took exercise daily in the Garden at the Palace at Schönbrunn.

Each day she & the friends & colleagues who accompanied her
admired & remarked upon the Beauty, Grace & Symmetry of The Gloriette.

The Image of The Gloriette at Schönbrunn Palace in Vienna, Austria was chosen
to represent The Virtual School of The Inner Sciences Foundation.
For us it is a Symbol of Light, Power, Prosperity, Peace & Longevity.

Charlotte hopes that The Virtual School of The Inner Sciences Foundation will become
a Living Institution that will Animate & Inspire Students -
to press beyond the Boundaries of their current Knowledge.

We have Great Confidence that the Teachings shared within The School -
will Illuminate & Open new Pathways on their Journey
through Spiritual Development to Transformation.

Many Loving Blessings be With All!

The Glorriette at Dusk

(Image from the Private Collection of Charlotte Anderson)


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